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3DOM (“three-dom”) is a comics short-short story format that: contains one story in three panels, uses a limited range of three colors, must be completed within one week.
Are You Watching Closely?

The 3-panel layout follows the panels:

"Are You Watching Closely?" Panel 1 of 3
"Are You Watching Closely?" Panel 2 of 3
"Are You Watching Closely?" Panel 3 of 3
"Are You Watching Closely?" Page layout

I’ve got a lot of things to learn (and re-learn) as I start making comics again. But writing is by far the trickiest one!

I’ve done a lot of practice and research, which has been fun. Yet it’s slow work, and I can see how far I have to go before the full EXIT CITY story is ready for production.

No story = no drawings! That complicates my efforts to develop a digital vector drawing process for making comics, too.

So I turned my art teaching techniques on myself and broke a big problem into smaller ones! I came up with 3DOM (“three-dom”), a short-short story format that:

  1. Contains one story in three panels.
  2. Uses a limited range of three colors.
  3. Must be completed within one week.

3DOM lets me start making the best small units I can NOW; it prepares a baseline for making large structures later. I think the series will serve as a lab for refining my drawing efficiency and speed.

Making a different 3DOM every week will also let me try on my favorite genres and styles — a pretty cool fanboy learning experience. 🤓