What is EXIT CITY?

What is EXIT CITY?

EXIT CITY (the site) is…

…what I left behind

Comic books were my teenage gateway to making art — I taught myself to draw so I could make comics. I stuck with them for years until grad school, when I chose to make a “fine art” career as a painter, photographer, and teacher.

…what I can’t escape

But I kept reading comics for fun, and I read a lot of them during the pandemic. The medium kept growing as creators with new voices kept upping the stakes with big ideas, compelling stories, and astonishing artwork.

When some of my recent drawing students made comics projects, my love for the medium took over, and I couldn’t stop thinking about comics (or shut up about them… sorry, guys).

…where all roads converge

It strikes me that I may have been studying and practicing my whole life for this.

I love digital vector art, and years of using it for art and design charted a path for using it to make my comics.

Many of my interests support creating comics: composition, graphic design, web design, digital distribution, cinema, and storytelling.

…where the way out is through

I still have plenty of work to do, lots to learn, and many questions to answer. I’ll develop my visual storytelling techniques and methods here so you can follow the process.

Of course this is also where I’ll share my new comics. Click the blue SUBSCRIBE button to have them delivered weekly to your email inbox.

EXIT CITY (the comic) is…

…COMING SOON. Watch this site as I build its foundations before its arrival on December 26, 2022.